Let's be honest, the process of looking for a job can be exhausting and feel like a full-time job, because it is...

Here is what SquareBiz Recruiting will offer you.

  • Truth. Honest critique of your resume and what challenges, if any,  you may have finding a job.  We'll be honest about the job, the pay, the benefits and the culture.  We want this to be a win-win for everyone involved.  
  • Consistency. We won't call you out of the blue and ask you to rush your resume over and never follow up with you by dodging your calls, not returning emails and/or ignoring text messages. We will respond within a reasonable response time.  Sometimes things don't work out, so we'll just let you know.
  • Consideration. We will return your emails, texts or phone calls even if we don't have any updates so you can manage your job hunt and expectations.
  • Respect.  We will not pressure you into taking a role you are NOT interested in or shame you into interviewing for a job you don't want, just to collect our fee.  We will NEVER tell anyone at your current organization that you are looking for a job EVER.  If we can't represent you due to conflict of interest, we will let you know.  No harm done.

Here is what we ask from you in return.

  • Truth. Please be honest about your professional background and why you are looking.  Often times knowing why you were terminated, laid off or resigned can help us match you with a better fit so you don't find yourself in the same situation again but at a different company.  Telling us you boss was the worst, you were underpaid and overworked or just hated the people is honest and we want to know.  No judgment.
  • Consistency. We are not babysitters and don't want to chase you.  We work hard to get you interviews.  Don't play games.  We have no interest in chasing you and the cat and mouse game won't get you a better salary; just eliminated from the position.
  • Consideration. Ghosting is not okay.   It puts us in a bad position and you in a terrible light.  You may not care but we do.  Be considerate. We've built relationships with clients.  We're here to help each other out whether now or in the future.  
  • Respect.   Please be respectful in interactions.  This is a partnership.  We are looking to have you come back in the future and recommend your friends, family members and colleagues because we served you well and earned your trust.